Gerry Battles – The Case of an Alien Abduction in Limerick

Gerry Battles is an Alien Abductee from Limerick, south-west Ireland, in 2001. He was able to hold his cool and engage with an ET which gave him a great deal of extra time. He was part of a mass abduction in Ireland, with over 150 people.

The concept of life in the wider galaxy has been around since we first began to understand the true vastness of space. Since we first discovered the stars, in fact, we have wondered if there were other life-supporting worlds like earth, and, if so, whether we could inhabit them. The question of potentially relocating to Mars in the event of total atomic annihilation, for example, was often discussed in America in the ’60s.

Alongside these discussions, there have always been those who understood that it was unlikely that we should be the only intelligent species in the universe. Since the UFO sightings at Roswell in 1947, we have become more and more aware of extraterrestrial sightings and encounters. In fact, encounters of the fourth kind seem to have increased greatly (though it is perhaps just the case that the internet allows us to share this information more readily these days).

Of course, for one Irish carpenter and grandfather, the question of intelligent alien entities is no mystery at all. Gerry Battles knows the truth, and his story has a message for all of us.

An Encounter of the Fourth Kind in County Limerick

Until a clear, bitterly cold Christmas night in December 2001, aliens had never been a concern for Gerry Battles, 61. On his way home from a few festive drinks in Pallaskenry, County Limerick, Battles had an experience that he will never forget. In fact, his encounter is one that the world should never forget.

Battles says that he recalls the clear, cloudless sky that night, saying that one could almost read by the light of the moon. This made the cold, artificial light that flooded the area as he made his way to his home all the more shocking. It was like the lights used during surgery, he says, and after he walked towards it, climbing over a gate to investigate, he remembers very little. In fact, on the day in question, after he was returned home he remembered nothing at all until someone found the jacket he had been wearing on the roof of a local, regional hospital…

When he did come to remember, of course, he realised the magnitude of what had happened to him.

When he awoke, Battles was onboard what he could only assume was a spaceship. He was able to move only his eyes and seemed to be supported in thin air. From what he was able to see, Battles says that the technology around him was incredibly advanced. There were around forty other men in the room with him, of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. All they seemed to have in common was their gender, but Battles remembers that there was a man wearing a trench-coat and hat in the style of TV detective Columbo.

After a few minutes, he began to move and floated into a second chamber which offered a 360-degree view of the surrounding space. It was at this point that he laid eyes upon his captors, or his hosts, depending upon how you look at it. Battles says that the alien he spoke with had a conical head, elegant features, and large “beautiful” eyes which were like black mirrors. This alone is remarkable, of course, but it wasn’t the end.

A Warning for All Mankind

For many people, this would be a frightening experience, but for Gerry Battles, it was not. He remembers being calm and feeling safe, so much so that the alien questioned this telepathically. It spoke directly into his mind and commented that he, unlike the others, was not afraid, and when he responded that he was not and asked if he should be, the alien said he should not be. It asked him what he would like to see.

In the blink of an eye, he was transported to the North Pole, which he had responded he would like to see. Battles says that this was like being transported at hundreds of miles per hour through a snowstorm; space at first stretched, then flew by in a blinding stream of light. When the craft stopped he could see the earth in all its glory, and at the very top of the world… the north pole.

As miraculous as this is, however, it seems that this was not the purpose of their visit to earth. The aliens had a warning for Battles, and indeed for all of mankind. The alien first told battles that they came from a culture far older and more advanced than ours and that they had seen that mankind had only two legacies. The first was total, worldwide warfare and misery. The second was our ability to deceive ourselves (as to our true nature, our impact, perhaps even our abilities).

But they had knowledge to share, and one final chance for us.

They told him that in 850 years, around about 2851, an asteroid the size of Munster, around 9,527 square miles, would collide with earth causing a mass extinction on a par with the one which ended the reign of the dinosaurs. They said it would come from the 35th quadrant and make a beeline for the earth. More than this, they told him to be wary of the banks, who have their own agenda and predicted the global financial crash before it came to be.

Truth and Trust

These stunning events and the happenings and information which corroborate them would be enough to open the minds of many people, but for Gerry Battles the experience of telling his story was not as positive as it could have been. Battles, who had had only two drinks on the night of his encounter has been accused of being a drunk, of misremembering, and even of being a fantasist or a liar.

Yet he has bravely continued to tell his story and spread awareness since that fateful night in 2001. He has even painted depictions of the alien he saw to give others an idea of what kind of being it was that he encountered.

Of course, Battles is not the only abductee to face such scrutiny and distrust.

The Patterns of Abduction

While there are those who think that there is nothing to be learned from stories of alien encounters and abductions or UFO sightings, we know better. As scientists, it falls on us to consider not only the qualitative aspects of stories like Gerry Battles’ but also the patterns which emerge when a statistical approach is taken.

For example, memory loss and rediscovery are common themes, as is the concept of bright, artificial light, and alien beings with large, black eyes.

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

The case of Betty and Barney Hill, for example, shares many similarities with the story of Gerry Battles. In 1961, the Hill’s fled something they could not remember down an empty, winding road in New Hampshire. Their shoes were scuffed, Betty’s dress was torn, and Barneys watch had stopped. When they finally got home to Portsmouth, they realised they couldn’t remember a thing that had happened for two or three hours of their drive.

Like Gerry Battles, they repressed the memory of their experiences until prompted to remember; the overwhelming nature of what happened to them was simply too much to process all at once. This is a common reaction to such huge events, and yet it is used to belittle and marginalise abductees… why, we must ask?

Like Battles, the Hills’ reported large, grey beings with huge black eyes. Like Battles, they recorded and reported their story, and like battles, they were called fantasists, liars, and their sanity was questioned. Unlike Battles, however, Betty and Barney Hill received attention from the military. In fact, they were the first to capture national attention on the basis of their experiences.

It’s up to us, the wider, more accepting scientific community, to give these stories the attention they deserve so that we can begin to unlock the mysteries that they hold.

The Truth Is Still Out There

Alien Abduction - Irish Alien Abductee - Gerry BattlesIf we are ever to compile a useful, and comprehensive body of knowledge about these beings, those who took Gerry Battles, and perhaps Betty and Barney Hill all those years ago, we must begin to listen to abductees. These dire warnings have shown to be true in many instances; the global economy did, indeed meltdown, the banks have been shown to have an agenda of their own. How long will it be, then, before Battles’ prediction that the world governments would turn on us and show themselves untrustworthy comes true?

Some would say that it has already been shown true; we are more divided than ever. War is on the rise, and we lie to ourselves and each other daily, just as Battles’ real ET’ said we do. We punish truth-seekers and undermine the scientifically minded.

Yet, Battles is hopeful; he says that he believes the truth is very much still out there. It simply falls to us to find it and show the world. Indeed, if his alien encounter is anything to go by, we still have plenty of time to change the course of our destiny; we still have 832 years to come together and find a solution to our own, inevitable demise.

And that’s something.

Do you think you may have been abducted? Here is a page of useful signs and symptoms of Alien Abduction.

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