Top 5 Mysterious Lost Worlds

5 Legendary lost worlds of planet earth. These mysterious places consists of hidden islands, secret civilizations & ancient sunken cities throughout time.
A world inside the Earth, which is connected by the “four corners of the earth.” It is spoken about by Plato and Pliny the Wise from thousands of years ago. Allegedly, when Atlantis was destroyed, the Atlanteans sought out this world and have been living there ever since.
El Dorado:
A shipwrecked man by the anme of Diego de Ordaz claimed to have been rescued by the citizens of “El Dorado” himself. The city had so much gold that the king routinely wore powdered gold as an outfit as if it was nothing.

The other natives of South America also had what seemed to be enormous amounts of gold and precious gems that they assigned almost no value to. The valuables seemed to come from almost nowhere.

This and Diego de Ordaz’s account led to the legend of “El Dorado”…a city made purely out of gold that many still believe exists today.
An alleged continent spanning across the Pacific Ocean from the Hawaiian Islands to Easter Island to the Philippines is said to have been inhabited by huge ape-like creatures with the gift of telepathy.

About 12,000 years ago, the continent was supposedly swallowed by the sea.
A mythical city in ancient Hindu texts, Dwaraka was not only made of gold, but studded with gems. It had towers resembling skyscrapers. It has buildings known as “Vimanas” that could fly. It was led by a being known as Lord Krishna who seemed to have special weaponry and abilities he would use to fight malevolent forces.

Ruins of where the city may have been have been found in the Gulf of Khambhat – lending some truth to the legends.
An island off the coast of Ireland that strangely enough appears on several maps throughout the past millenia. It was as if the island would fade in and out of existance or move around. It was allegedly home to huge black rabbits and a magician whom lived alone in a castle. Other citizens lived in houses with golden roofs and domes and were able to move objects with the sound of music.

In the rendleshem forest incident, Sgt. Jim Penniston touched a UFO like object with strange hieroglyphs on it. He immediately received, telepathically, in binary code, the latitude and longitude of several places on earth – Hy’Brasil was of the most importance within this code.