2 UFOs Over Waterford City in Ireland – Video

2 UFO’s in Waterford City, Ireland

I have to say that this one looks like a couple of Chinese Lanterns. They are becoming more common in recent years and drones too. If you have not seen a Chinese lantern before, they can look quite strange and UFO-like. I completely accept that the poster was not perpetrating a hoax and was genuinely wondering what he saw. They were moving far too slow to be meteors or other falling bodies. They did not appear to be under intelligent control and one appears to flicker. I think the other UFO looks dark because it is against a lighter sky, but it could also be because the candle has gone out.

UFOs Over Waterford City? When windblown plastic bags or Chinese lanterns or the like are seen from a distance it is very difficult to estimate their size. We all have certain conscious or subconscious rules that we use to guess at the size of an object at an unknown distance. It is, of course, easy when there is something of a known size is obviously nearby. But we make certain assumptions when we have no reference to help us.

I think that may be what happened here. But it seems clear that the viewer did not think it was anything ordinary.

Bye the way this is Waterford on Google Maps: Click Here

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