What is a UFO?

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Generally, in popular culture, they are by most believers thought to be Alien Spacecraft since their origins are a mystery. Of course really anything can be a UFO, as long as it is seen to be flying under its own power and you cannot identify it. Many of the articles and comments will use the terms UFO and alien aircraft interchangeably. And who could blame them.

Many of the UFOs reported worldwide turn out to be common items like a weather balloons and atmospheric lights and in recent times Chinese Lanterns and drones. However, during the time that they were unidentified, the term ‘UFO’ was appropriate until its true nature was discovered.

However, there remains a significant portion of UFOs that remain unidentified or unexplained. It is from these, that often we get our idea that the object is indeed of Alien Origin, since we know pretty much all of the earthly sources of the objects that might look like UFOs and when they are ruled out… what is left? However, one can argue, that due to the cultural bias in the UFO culture, any person seeing an object they can’t identify, will identify it subconsciously as an Alien Spacecraft; until its nature is revealed. This stands out when it is considered, that people can’t see unidentified objects in a more mundane view, and perhaps, is an example of expectations influencing the outcome.

While many people might think this phenomenon is of no importance, it should be noted that the US Government has thought it important enough to have three different examinations on the matter, through the course of our history. The first was the ‘Flying Disc File’; which was the FBI’s investigative work on the phenomenon of flying saucers. Then there was Project Sign; which was a similar project, conducted by the Air Force. Lastly, there was Project Blue Book, a larger Air Force Program, that seemingly consolidated all past reports. [This year (2018) US President Trump has even started a “Space Force”]

While the majority of findings could reach some explainable conclusion, and a large percentage still remained unidentified. However, Project Blue Book was closed in 1970. Interestingly enough, this is only a few years after abduction phenomenon started being reported in large quantities due to Betty and Barney Hill, which has become along with tthe Roswell incident the most famous UFO sighting/abduction.