Report a Sighting or Encounter

We have some suggestions listed beside the form to help you report your incident to us. If we left anything out, by all means add it and anything else that you can no matter how unimportant it seems.

In a previous incarnation of this website, we had a form with most of this list included. We gave up on that one because we think it would put people off reporting their incident if they had to complete a long form even if the items were optional.

All items in the list are optional and are just there as suggestions and reminders to help you remember. We hope that you can add most of the information listed if it applies to your event.

If you have a video that cannot be uploaded, please let us know and we will arrange it.

  1. Personal Information
    • Full Name
    • Contact Details (Phone and Email)
    • Address
    • Occupation:
  2. Incident Details
    • Date of Incident
    • Time of Incident (Approximate if unsure)
    • Location of Incident (please be as specific as possible)
    • Duration of the sighting
  3. Description of the Phenomena
    • How would you describe the object or phenomenon (shape, size, color)?
    • Did the object have any lights or emit any sounds? Please describe.
    • Was the object moving or stationary? If moving, please describe its path and speed.
    • Were there any noticeable changes in the object’s behavior or appearance during the sighting?
  4. Environmental Conditions
    • Weather Conditions at the time of the incident (clear, cloudy, rainy, etc.)
    • Visibility conditions (daylight, dusk, night, fog, etc.)
    • Were there any unusual atmospheric or environmental conditions present?
  5. Witness Information
    • Were you alone during the sighting or were there other witnesses? If others were present, please provide their names and contact information (if available and with their permission)
    • How did you and any other witnesses react during and after the sighting?
  6. Previous Experiences
    • Have you witnessed similar phenomena in the past?
    • If yes, please provide details of previous sightings.
  7. Additional Evidence
    • Did you capture any photos, videos, or other forms of evidence during the incident?
    • If yes, please provide or attach the evidence.
  8. Other Observations
    • Did you notice any effects on electronic devices or animals during the incident?
    • Were there any other unusual occurrences before, during, or after the sighting?
  9. Additional Comments
    • Please provide any other information or comments that you think might be relevant to understanding your experience.
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