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People are often surprised to hear that UFOs have been seen in Ireland.

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What is a UFO

Telescope in Offaly

A telescope in the grounds of Birr Castle in Co. Offaly could unlock the secrets of the universe and solve the age-old question: "Is there anybody out there?"

What is a UFO

A UFO is colloquial for an Unidentified Flying Object. Generally, in popular culture, they are identified as Alien Spacecraft since this is the impression of their origins.

UFOs in Ireland

Some people will find it hard to believe that UFOs have been seen in Ireland. They are not common, but they are seen here from time to time. I am not talking about just strange lights, but what could only be described and some type of flying craft controlled by an intelligent being of some sort. They are usually disc shaped buy in recent years there have bee many more that have been reported as being triangular and very very big.

There is little doubt. They are here. Too many people have seen them, many of whom are very reliable people who have very responsible jobs.

Why have you never seen one? Have you been looking? Most people go about their daily lived without even thinking about UFOs. Naturally. Right? Unless one came right into their field of view they would not see it. or notice that it was in any way unusual. If you saw something flying in the sky, you would assume that it was a bird or a plane. Wouldn’t you? You likely would not even turn your head to look.

But, others are built differently. Because we believe intelligent extraterrestrial life is visiting our planet, we look harder and notice more. We question everything. Not every light in the night sky is a spaceship, but it is very likely that some are. Many are just “Chinese Lanterns” or even just plastic bags that have been caught in a gust of wind. But there are a few that for those who saw them put the existence of something “not from around here” beyond doubt.

The funny thing, to me at least, is that many people talk about visiting Mars and going out into space. They do not think it strange. But, they do think it strange that aliens want to visit Earth. They very likely find us interesting in much the same way that we want to study “lower” forms of life on Earth.

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