UAP over Ireland: A Comprehensive Report

This sighting was significant in that there were multiple reliable witnesses to the object in question. The combination of their rigorous training, extensive experience, observational skills, calm demeanour, sense of responsibility, regular health evaluations, and clear communication abilities contribute to the perception of airline pilots as reliable and respected witnesses in most and maybe all situations.

Unfortunately there is very little information available on this incident. What’s new. In a remarkable incident on November 9, 2018, pilots flying over the southwest coast of Ireland reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and unusual bright lights. This prompted an official investigation by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA).

Incident Details

The event unfolded around 6:47 am local time. A British Airways pilot flying from Montreal to Heathrow was the first to report the anomaly, inquiring about potential military exercises in the vicinity due to the presence of a fast-moving, very bright object. Air Traffic Control (ATC) at Shannon Airport confirmed that there were no such military activities.

The object, described as moving at an astonishing speed, approached the aircraft from the left before rapidly veering north. It was characterized as a “very bright light” that disappeared at a high velocity.

A Virgin Airlines pilot also reported similar observations, noting “multiple objects following the same trajectory,” all exhibiting extreme brightness. These objects, too, were seen moving away rapidly.

Official Response and Investigation

The IAA confirmed the initiation of an investigation into these reports, following the standard confidential occurrence investigation process. This move aimed to unravel the mystery behind these sightings, which were corroborated by several pilots.

Expert Insights

Apostolos Christou, an astronomer from the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, suggested that the pilots probably witnessed a large piece of space debris, commonly referred to as a shooting star. He explained that the brightness indicated a significantly large object, possibly the size of a walnut or an apple, entering the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed.

Current Status

As of now, there has been no further public disclosure by the IAA regarding the findings of the investigation. The matter remains one of the intriguing airborne mysteries in recent times.

While the exact nature of the objects remains unidentified, expert opinions lean towards a natural astronomical phenomenon rather than extraterrestrial origin. This incident highlights the need for vigilance and thorough investigation of unexplained aerial phenomena to ensure aviation safety and public understanding.

If anyone reading this has new verifiable information about this, please update us.

The videos below:

The first video (on the left on larger screens) contains a recording of the conversation between the pilots and Air Traffic Control. The second, one on the right, is the report from Time.

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